Afterrschool Tutoring /Therapy Program
About us

Are you trapped in a nightly homework struggle with your child? Are you unsure what to do with your child afterschool, half days, or vacation days off from school?  You know they need more but not sure where to turn for therapy, tutoring, extra help in the house...
    Well look no further!!  Call the Mindful Learning Center!
Enroll now for our specialized and customized one on one educational and tutoring programs for children and  adolescents with learning, language, and attention dif´Čüculties.   Our innovative teaching methods and programs are based on neuroscience and current learning theories. We provide expert and compassionate service to children who may have ADHD, ADD, ASD, Aspergers, ODD, non-verbal learning disorders, sensory processing disorder, behavioral difficulties and cognitive, language, and learning disorders. A complimentary half hour consultation and screening is available to help you choose and select the most appropriate program for you and your child.
    To help simplify your struggles and deliver the most effective level of assistance our therapists/tutors are more than happy to contact your teacher in order to assess your child’s current struggles, provide relevant material and work with the current curriculum.
 For your convenience our tutors travel to your home or other meeting places.
We carefully hand pick and screen our behavioral therapists and tutors to make sure they meet our highest standards.  In addition, all tutors are subject to thorough background and reference checks to provide our clients with peace of mind. Rest assured that when choosing The Mindful Learning Center you will be matched based on a variety of criteria to make sure your therapy/tutoring needs are met.
    Sessions will last 1 to 2+hrs depending on the consultation and need per child and families. Payments are due upon service rendered.